Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Wednesday: "The White Room" book launch

Come down to the launch and exhibition of my new book The White Room this coming Wednesday from 6.30 to 9pm at Long White Cloud on Hackney Road. A selection of prints will also be exhibited during the week in the venue (April 8th to 13th)

I will also be selling my previous self-published books "XI and la Gueule du Monde" (2009), as well as the last remaining copies of my book "In Your Home" (2011).

This is what Dazed & Confused and Self Publish Be Happy have had to say about The White Room.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sarah chez elle

24 hours in hospital


Au café La Perle

Un massacre

James & Maria

I went to Paris, and I saw...

Miss Vogue

I shot the delightful Vogue staffers Diana Duah, Naomi Smart and Saranne Woodcroft for the new issue of MissVogue, out now.

Behind the scenes

Actress Stacy Martin shot by Harley Weir for British Vogue's April issue.

Hot breath



Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The White Room: limited-edition photobook

My new self-published photobook The White Room is now available to buy online.
It compiles a series of intuitive compositions taken in one sublet room in Berlin, using random objects found around my temporary habitat, as well as portraits of anonymous figures traversing the space.
The White Room has previously been exhibited in South Korea at the Art:Gwangju art fair in 2012, and you can see more of the series on my website.

This book is the first in a new series within this format that I will be publishing throughout the year.
Please see sidebar on the right for more details about the book, and to purchase online.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The White Room

My new self-published book "The White Room" has arrived fresh from the printers today, and will be launching this month. It's a limited-edition of 100 signed and numbered copies, with a glossy photo-print insert on the cover.

Check back soon for more information and how to purchase a copy.

The pianist

Wednesday, January 8, 2014