Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After the wedding, 13/09/08


Adorable little bitch

In Process

Studies for an upcoming self-portraiture photo project.
Check back soon...

Pink Rabbit

I rescued him from the clutches of my cat Leeloo.

I heart Gia

And apparently, so does she.

Laurie looking beautiful

Columbia Road


**k gigging at the Fleapit

Le Hero

Some of the photos I took documenting my boyfriend's stint in rehab back in 2003.
I'm currently working on a photo book about the experience...
Check back soon.

My Wife

On my bed.

Beirut Summer: termos et galets

Ehden, Lebanon

(Click to enlarge)


Tati in Passy

Shooting the Eiffel Tower from the Champ de Mars


L'homme de ma vie.
And a goat skull.


Courtesy of chris.t


On a road trip to Hermel, one of the highest points in Lebanon, where the bedouins plant their fields of hash. That day, the army raided them and wiped out all their crops. To the dismay of potheads pals...

La gerbe

My first outdoor binge-drink puke. All white wine poisoning.
Check out the tyre marks.

Coke spill

Some poor dude dropped his stash of cocaine all over the crummy stairs of our building.

Love, mon cul

Probed and tested

Back from the hospital after having had what I thought was a mini heart attack.
Turns out I had had an acute chest muscle spasm from too much dancing the night before.
The sticky things were pretty cool, I was reluctant to remove them after having come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to die.


Lucky Bastard