Monday, June 23, 2014

Kloe at White Beach

Batroun, Lebanon.

Little family


Joining Beach

Batroun, Lebanon.

The Chewing Gum Man

Look down when you walk on the Millenium Bridge, and you'll see Ben Wilson's mini-masterpieces on all your chewing-gum splodges.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photobooks: The White Room and In Your Home

My self-published books "The White Room" (2014) and the last few remaining copies of "In Your Home" (2011) are now available to buy from selected bookstores in London, Paris and Beirut. Find your nearest stockist below.

The White Room:
Donlon Books
The Photographer's Gallery
Ti Pi Tin
Banner Repeater
Le Plac'Art Photo
Beirut Art Center

In Your Home:
Donlon Books
The Photographer's Gallery
Ti Pi Tin
Le Plac'Art Photo

Or you can purchase them from this blog's sidebar to the right -->

Cats and dogs

The boy from Damascus

Rooftop dwellers

Flare on King's Cross

Red hair is always brighter in the sun

Poops and the world

R U Stressed?

Slap me for your relief
£5 (Today only)
Punches and kicks £10 each

The pint glass

Otis and the world

Le trench

Diss street loner

Chez Marie


Snapshots from Beirut

The woman on Ezra Street

Hey boys