Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Martin, who's fucking amazing.

Daniel doing some automatic writing in his kitchen. Probably in a shit mood. As usual.

Martin and Mische getting drunk on Russian beer in Gorki Park cafe. I was into red wine.

Ramzi and Mische's flat on Kastanienallee.
They bought this massive retro couch for 60 euros from some old lady. Berlin is intensely cheap.

Murder by Guitar playing at White Trash club. Good stuff.

Playing with wax while waiting for my big fat Elvis Burger. With Onion Rings and Fuck-You fries on the side.

I caught this girl using the reflection of the glass to put some lipstick. She gave me the finger after I papped her.

Daniel. Very smug.

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this is fucking weird, you just commented on my disappointing sex post and i looked at your page and low and behold my old school chum dan fucking miller. say hello to him from bob foster.

xx bob