Saturday, September 5, 2009

The fortune-teller

He was a short gay man, gel-slicked hair in a tight ponytail. Slightly balding at the forehead. He took one look at my turkish coffee cup and laid my heart bare on the table. He saw it all, my heart's dichotomy, the disillusions, the doubts, the obsessions, he gave me names for fuck's sake!
It's nice to see that it's all written out there somewhere though, that we ultimately have no choice. It's stamped in my fucking empty coffee cup... He saw all that I knew, gave me a little (false) hope, but still no answers.
It's always just wait and see.

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Defoulement. said...

No one knows what the future holds.. not even a gay fortune-teller..
( Glad 2 c ur writing again ;) )