Sunday, July 11, 2010

Interview in ART magazine

ART magazine has just published an interview with me about my work, as part of Akt Now – a portfolio presentation of international photographers, whose work deals with nudity, sex and the human body.

You can read the interview HERE.

The interview is in German, so here's a translation for English speakers...

1. What excites you about the subject of the nude?
I've always been fascinated by how such a common form can express a wide range of human emotions, meanings and messages. I am continuously inspired to explore the body in relation to a given surrounding context, in relation to its 'wearer'. It is an object in its materiality and simultaneously a subject imbued with desires and affectations. Which each body comes a whole new sea of a meaning, so there's never enough that can be brought to light.

2. How far would you go? Are there taboos?
I don't have any particular taboos or imposed restrictions. Since I work closely with my subject, it all depends on how they are inclined in terms of their own body representation. My intention is not to shock or cause a controversy with my work, and I'm not particular interested in the subjects that might be referred to as general taboos. I go as far or as close as is offered by the working collaboration, and this usually brings about a more natural portrayal and reflection of the body itself.

3. When is a nude picture an artwork?
This comes back to the universal question of "When is art art?". I consider the term 'nude' as just a visual categorization of a particular given artwork, just as it could be classified as a 'portrait", a 'landscape', 'documentary' or 'still-life'. So, in my opinion, the question relating to a nude as art or not isn't really valid from the start. It all relates to a much broader ongoing debate about the question of art in a postmodern world.

4. Do you have some inspiring examples/photographers/artists?
My tastes and likes vary immensely with every exhibition I go to, or new work I encounter, but the artists I tend to gravitate towards the most are George Bataille in his writings, Roger Ballen in his haunting photographic compositions, Hans Bellmer in his drawings... They offer a rawness that appeals to the 'abject' in me, and i always feel this tingling excitement when I revisit them!

5. With which other subjects you art is dealing as well?
The themes I work in all intertwine in one way or other, and mostly deal with the body as a primary working tool, exploring the clash of the private and the public, identity in self-representation, displacement, passions and death. Although I work mostly with photography, I usually let the message dictate the final medium and visual outcome, so projects have in the past also taken the form of video, text, installation and sculpture.


Gundog said...

I love the photo with the picture of a lady dressed in a Burka in the backround. One woman seems to be missing what the other one has: one has the body, the other one has the eyes. And in the end both have everything, only parts of them are censored for a greater good (artistic, social-religious). So what makes a woman a woman? The eyes, the naked body, none of the above, everthing? Love what your work is doing to my brain... Thank you.

Rasha said...

Thank you Gundog, really nice to hear that your brain is tickled!