Thursday, January 13, 2011

The canal


mono magn├ętico azul said...

i know you didn't asked me for my opinion, but some of your pictures, like this one, or the of the entry before, the last of them, which is the guy of the moto from closer, i love them, so much, together with a bunch of them more. and i believe that you can make a great book about your life, pure poetry from the individual pictures.
i wonder what it is your criteria to choose them, or what it will be... and i don't want to say the negative part in here because, who did asked me for that o who am i?
anyways i'll keep following you work.
cheer up!

Rasha said...

Thank you, that's really nice to hear. A book? Yes, maybe one day... In the meantime, well, more pictures I guess.